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We have been working in the IT sphere for a very long time and will help you realize your ideas and give them life. Our activity take a web development, web design, SEO, marketing etc. Projects come true step by step and supports after end. We are consulting our customers in many different questions in start and after end of project. Together we can build a cool idea.

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We works with different technologies like Bootstrap framework, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, iOS & Android application. Different CMS like WordPress, OpenCart, ModX, Joomla.



This app help childrents parents comunication with teachers. Application very comfortable and easy for users.

Application capabilities:

  • control enter and exit from kindergarden — with used messages exchanges;
  • tag with picture of children — pictures sending just a parents;
  • list of the contacts for the each children;
  • sending many type of updates — in this case classes, teaching materials , events, days of birthday and etc.
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It is a keyboard-translator. Very comfortable app for businessmen and for usual users. This translator can fast translate any of texsts and open you a new frienships in different countrys.

This application have s many of advanyages:

  • very fast translate of text what you typing;
  • keyboard-translator can be use for sending massages;
  • quality translate of any text;
  • right and logic translate;
  • user who chat with you not to know that you don't understanding their language;
  • application give you ability easy chating with people from the world;
  • help to earn a money when you are participating in partner programm.
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We present to your attention an exclusive and very progressive business tool: our specialists developed the application "Mobile Business Center Gem4me" for all partners of Gem4te LLC.

At any time you can log into your account using a smartphone, see the necessary data or show the results of your work to potential customers and acquaintances. This is an intuitive and very convenient tool for business promotion.

This application has many advanages:

  • Control your sales revenue
  • View affiliate network statistics
  • Keep easy communication between other users
  • Easy way of controlling shares
  • A simple and convenient system of communication with the spinoff
  • Be on the lookout for the latest Gem4me news and events
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Monster Maniya

Development of a site for the Show of off-road cars "Monster Mania".

The heaviest monster trucks that can easily move through cars are not just a pile of moving metal - it's a hand-held and controlled monster on wheels. We tried to convey the spirit and exciting sports spectacle, the magnificent show and the plot meaning of what happened while developing the site

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Development crowdfunding platform on Ukrainian market. Analog kitskstarter known resource. Helpstarter platform for business ideas of any subject. We only took the start as any first or implements ideas to become an investor helpstarter.com.ua

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Online BINGO

Development platform for Play Online Bingo at 250+ UK bingo sites. Earn up to 30% real money cashback. Find new bingo games, bonuses & reviews. Sign up online for free - it's easy!

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Development Multi-active STP broker. Specialized STP broker providing opportunity for professional traders to work with currency, metals, raw mwterials, shares and CFD- liquidity having access to interbank market.

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Develop social network for photographers of germany. Our client german photographer. This project very good and stuff for us. We very happy because we see that project benefits people.

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Rate My Agent

The database of agents and reviews is not limited to the twenty cities listed above. Review thousands of agents from Canada, USA, and Australia. Rate-My-Agent.com is open for reviews worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, publish some love for your favourite agents. Tip: Search (at the top of every page) to find your city.

Agents work with each other day in and day out, so don’t hesitate to rate your peers. Good or bad, people want to know! Social Responsibility

We believe businesses have the opportunity to lead by example. We consider ourselves a social enterprise and challenge other businesses to look at how they can make a positive impact on society. Social Responsibility is in our DNA at Rate-My-Agent.com.

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Via Roma

Site Development for VIA ROMA multibrand boutique was introduced in 2007 and took a competitive position in the fashion market of Vladivostok. We put the emphasis on relevant, most popular and recognized brands, high quality of service and attentive work of the staff. Regardless the aesthetic preferences, fans of the style trust the choice of the VIA ROMA buyers, seeing the uniqueness in every collection. Life is too short to dress dull…

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ” — Steve Jobs


  • User Experience Design
    • Prototyping
    • Web design
    • E-Commerce design
    • Creative direction & design
    • Mobile App design
    • Interaction design
  • Development
    • Responsive design
    • Mobile & multiplatform apps
    • Web applications
    • Shopify
    • CMS
    • CRM
  • Digital Marketing
    • On-Site & off-site SEO
    • Content marketing
    • Social media management
    • Digital strategy
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Creative Direction

Planning your website and marketing strategy is the most important step in becoming an online success.

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Logo & Identity Design

For all business very important style of this business. We can implement for you many different ideas, step by step together we create something beautiful. Good design it is good business.

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We help you to realise innovative and bold web solutions to boost your business. From strategy and development through to final implementation, we can help you build a powerful online presence.

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We work with different Ecommerce platforms. For each business today very important to develop on the market in all directions. Ecommerce platforms raise up your business on new level.

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Responsive & Mobile

Internet industry move very fast, now all people use the tables, cellphones and many other devices. For each client very important that they product or idea can see everyone. When we implement responsive or mobile product we always focus on small details.

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User Experience

We always want to know how ended product will be influenced for user because it very important thing for any business. We learning the market and create the project maximum easy and comfortable for user.

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Mobile App development

Mobile application development involves writing softwares which are accessible over smartphones and tablets. The same application has to be developed differently for iPhones and Android devices. Mobile application development is a comprehensive process to develop applications which can be installed and run over different handheld devices having different operating systems and different features.

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